After sexual harassment accusations, Dee Kosh faces another allegation of being a bully

Singapore – Following sexual harassment accusations against local YouTuber Dee Kosh, social media influencer Preetipls has claimed in a Facebook post published on Wednesday (Aug 19) that he had bullied her brother and threatened to destroy him in 2018.
Over the past weekend, several individuals have alleged that the 32-year-old tried to sexually groom teenage boys under the guise of wanting to work with them. The alleged victims shared screenshots online that appeared to show inappropriate messages from Dee – whose name is Darryl Koshy – offering boys half his age large amounts of money in exchange for sexual favours.
Dee initially denied all accusations and engaged a lawyer to issue a cease-and-desist letter to an alleged victim. He later admitted some wrongdoing. In an apology post published on Monday (Aug 17), he said that he now “admit(s) that there is truth to some of the things which are being said now, and I am sorry to the people I have hurt in the process”.
Preetipls has since claimed that Dee bullied her older brother, Subhas Nair. In her
Facebook post, Preetipls – whose name is Preeti Nair – claimed that Dee made her brother a target after a disagreement that erupted in December 2018.
The influencer added that she has helped link Dee’s alleged victims to legal professionals and asked those who need help to reach out to her.
Read her post in full, including the screenshots of her correspondence with Dee, here:
TW: DEEKOSH (DK). This is not about the several sexual harassment allegations against him, this is me sharing how the dude has abused his power for way too long. This happened in December 2018.
#1. DK posted this video ( on his socials including Instagram. It is him singing an “Indian version” of an English song and by that I mean yet again making a mockery of the Indian accent in the name of bad comedy.
#2. My older brother, Subhas, saw the video and decided to post this IG story up on his own IG. (Last I checked he’s allowed to have an opinion and clearly this has nothing to do with me, he saw an unfunny video and made this public comment.)
#3. DK posted this IG story as an indirect retort insinuating that my brother having an opinion would lead to the tarnishing of my career. (Mind you once again I was minding my own damn business, nothing to do with this)
#4: Subhas took to Instagram again to let DK know that I should not be dragged into this and also to reiterate his initial thoughts on video #1
#5: I whatsapped DK to let him know I did not appreciate him using an image of me as a retort to my own brother and that he can easily have this convo on DMs while leaving me out of it.
#6. In our conversation, you’ll see that DK threatened to “destroy” my brother, I will be “collateral damage” and that he has a “NO APOLOGY POLICY”. If this was not an abuse of power I’m not sure what is. and remember, this is all because my brother thought his stupid video was done in bad taste.
#7: My brother’s DM to DK. The last communication either of us had with DK. This DM speaks for itself
After this incident, DK has gone the extra mile and take every single opportunity to mention myself or my brother in hopes of accomplishing his fav hobby “destroying careers”. It has almost been 2 years since this incident and even up til today he continues to take potshots against me. He even launched his podcast with the debut episode attacking me and IRONICALLY using Eden Ang as clickbait for streams. Remember his 4 part video series about the brown face incident? Well take a look at the hypocrite’s portrayal of Indian and Muslim women in his own content. This man is vile and disgusting and has been a bully for way too long.
And DK I don’t wanna hear you preach about mental health, you and your fellow bully friends have fucked up so many people’s mental health over the years. You are a bully and now we’re learning that you’re allegedly a sexual predator too.
With regards to the sexual harassment cases, you might have seen the boys involved posting on IG that any other victims out there can reach out to me for legal help. To cla…