Bridgestone brings its revolutionary ENLITEN Technology to long-term partner Volkswagen and its new Golf 8

Bridgestone, a leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility, has today announced that its innovative, lightweight ENLITEN Technology is available on the Turanza Eco tyres specifically designed for Volkswagen’s new Golf 8, the eighth generation of the iconic hatchback – this time with a host of cutting-edge technologies built-in. These include a semi-autonomous mode that allows the car to drive itself and a new suspension technology improving its handling and driving dynamics. The custom-designed Turanza Eco tyres with ENLITEN Technology have been designed to enhance the Golf 8’s upgraded driving dynamics.
Enabling a super low rolling resistance[1] for excellent fuel efficiency, requiring less raw materials to be produced and engineered to maximise wet and wear performance, tyres with Bridgestone’s ENLITEN Technology offer significant environmental benefits while also improving vehicle handling and driving dynamics through lowered rotating mass to help increase driving pleasure.
Following the recent announcement that ENLITEN Technology was brought to the roads for the first time on Volkswagen’s ID.3, this marks another milestone in Bridgestone and Volkswagen’s long-term partnership.
Designed to enhance vehicle handling and driving dynamics
While developing its new Golf 8, Volkswagen required a tyre that offered a super low rolling resistance without comprising other performance areas. Bridgestone, Volkswagen’s long-term partner, answered that brief with custom-developed Turanza Eco tyres with ENLITEN Technology which achieve a best-in-class EU label A-grade in rolling resistance, and much more.
One of the standout features of this custom-engineered tyre is the improved vehicle handling it enables. This is thanks to the synergy between the unique materials used to create ENLITEN Technology and a new mixing process that has enhanced the technology’s compound wear performance, without compromising on grip. Combined with a cavity and full 3D pattern design that maximises wet and wear performance, this ensures that the Turanza Eco tyres with ENLITEN Technology provide a wet grip performance that achieves an EU label B-grade with no compromise on wear performance. These design and development considerations unite to enhance the Volkswagen Golf 8’s handling and, consequently, the pleasure of driving it.
Alongside enhanced driving dynamics due to a lower rotating mass, Bridgestone’s new innovative lightweight tyre technology sets a new standard in reduced material use and rolling resistance to deliver significant environmental benefits. Tyres with ENLITEN Technology demonstrate a rolling resistance that is up to 30 percent lower than a Bridgestone premium conventional summer tyre.[1] This contributes to a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, tyres with ENLITEN Technology enable further fuel conservation by being reduced in weight by up to 20 percent from equivalent Bridgestone premium conventional summer tyres.[1] This equates to up to 2kg fewer raw material resources required to produce every tyre, another environmental benefit from both a resources and final end-of-life stage management standpoint.
Exploring the benefits of ENLITEN Technology with Volkswagen
Developed at Bridgestone EMIA’s R&D Centre in Rome, Italy, and produced in Spain, the new 205/55R16 91H Turanza Eco tyre with ENLITEN Technology is available to the European market from August 2020.
Speaking on this announcement was VP Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA, Steven De Bock: “To this point we have talked about ENLITEN Technology as a breakthrough in sustainable tyres – and rightly so – but the improvements it can make possible in the realm of driving experience are also significant. Due to the low driving resistance and low weight of the Turanza Eco with ENLITEN Technology, the tyre’s impact on driving dynamics – on lower-powered engines in particular – becomes clearly visible. It’s fantastic that we’re able to bring to life the different benefits of ENLITEN Technology – environmental sustainability and driving pleasure – in collaboration with our long-term partner …