Malaysian actress Faezah Elai slams society’s negative perceptions of stepmothers

PETALING JAYA, Sept 22 – Malaysian actress Faezah Elai has penned an Instagram post calling out those who perpetuate negative stereotypes about stepmothers.
Faezah, who is a stepmother to three kids from her husband’s first marriage, said that stepmums deserve the same respect as biological mothers because they work hard to raise children that are not their own.
“Being a stepmum is not an easy job. (We are) misunderstood by society in a role that receives little recognition.
“If something goes wrong with your stepchildren, you are the one to blame,” said Faezah, 38.
She added that it was frustrating that some people still hold on to assumptions that all stepmothers are inherently “evil.”
“Society will say ‘They stay with their stepmum, that’s why they turned out like that. How can it be the same as staying with their biological mother, they must be stressed living with their stepmum.’
“But if (the children) succeed, all the credit will be given to the biological mother.
“What kind of mentality is this? We are not living in Cinderella and not all stepmums mistreat their stepchildren.”
The Rumah Siti Khadijah star said she was not basing her post on her personal experiences and that she was lucky to be blessed with stepchildren who are understanding.
However, she firmly believes that mothers and stepmothers should be held in the same regard for their maternal duties.
She also urged mothers to give their children the freedom to love both their biological parents and stepparents instead of making it a competition.
“Stepmums deserve the same respect a mother would receive. They pour all of their time, energy, and love into a child that they didn’t even create.
“To all mums, if your children have a stepmum that cares for them, you are one lucky mother!
“Free your child from loyalty and tell them it’s okay to love their stepparent.
“It takes a fearless warrior to be a stepmother. Being a mother doesn’t require blood, it requires being there for someone you love.”
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