Natalie Siow walks free after 200 days in prison to balloons and flowers

Natalie Siow is a free woman after spending 200 days in prison for her part in assaulting a man murdered two years ago at Orchard Towers. Among the first things she did? Show off her welcome-home gifts.
The 25-year-old social media sensation yesterday posted a photo and video of balloons and flowers she received on her Instagram account . “Welcome back Natalie!” one of the balloons read.
Siow was convicted of assaulting Satheesh Noel Gobidass, who died of injuries sustained by Siow and others in her group, and given a five-month sentence in October.
Her role in the murder and tabloid coverage served to elevate her online, where she developed a cult of admirers . Originally charged with murder for the July 2019 slaying, the count against her was reduced to assault before her trial began. Only one of the eight people in her group, Tan Sen Yang, still faces a murder charge.
Her release was hailed jubilantly online by her fanboys in places like the message board, where they speculated on her future.
“She really quite chio ,” user Maniamcool declared of her post-incarceration appearance.
Satheesh’s body was found in a pool of blood after he was attacked at the main entrance of Orchard Towers, a building known for its sleazy bars and clubs. Security footage captured the group assaulting him before fleeing the scene.
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