Sim Lim ice-cream man gets a new TV

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The 88-year old ice-cream seller at Sim Lim, Mr Ng, was recently gifted a new television set.
The Happy People Helping People Community, a foundation which helps the less fortunate wrote on their Facebook page on Monday (May 11) that they “bought Mr Ng, 88 years old ice cream man from Sim Lim [a] brand new TV”.
Due to the Circuit Breaker’s measures, Mr Ng is no longer able to sell ice cream and as such is one of Happy People Helping People Community’s beneficiaries who receives daily meals from them.
They posted that “A TV set is essential for an elderly staying alone especially during this CB period”.
Many netizens have patronized his ice cream stand, with one netizen sharing on Facebook that they bought ice cream from him over the Chinese New Year period in 2018.
“Uncle Ng ice cream stall is still open on the 1st day of year new (sic). If you happen to passby or somewhere there, do remember to buy some ice cream from him and wish him Gong Xi Fa Cai”, they shared.
An online article in the Straits Times reported that seniors in need are continuing to receive help as social service agencies and volunteer networks are actively providing essential aid during the circuit breaker period.
For example, a network of volunteer groups and ground-up movements, coordinated by the National Council of Social Service, have been distributing meals, surgical masks, disinfectants, sanitiser, exercise bands, telecommunications equipment and SIM cards to seniors, Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee said during a press conference on May 8.
Mr Lee added that officers on patrols also identify seniors who need help, such as those who have issues preventing them from staying at home.
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