South Korean actor Kim Min Seok hailed for catching pervert secretly filming woman in cafe

PETALING JAYA, July 21 – South Korean actor Kim Min Seok has been praised for catching a hidden camera perpetrator in a cafe recently.
According to Korean media outlet Star News, the Descendants of the Sun star was at a cafe in Gangnam, Seoul on July 19 when he noticed a man secretly filming a woman’s legs.
Kim then called the police and confronted the man to prevent him from making a quick escape from the scene.
When the authorities arrived, they discovered that the man’s phone was filled with videos and photos of other women that were taken without their consent.
Details of Kim’s role in catching the criminal were confirmed by a source from his side.
“Kim Min Seok was inside a cafe during his final leave from the military and he found someone illegally filming a woman’s body.
“He caught them and handed them over to the police,” the source told Newsen, based on translations by Soompi.
Twitter users celebrated the 30-year-old actor for his heroism and said more men needed to be like him to prevent more women from becoming victims of hidden camera crime.
“Thank you Kim Min Seok. We need more men like you unlike the one who was secretly doing the filming,” said one user.
“He did the right thing when he saw something bad happening. Very brave,” wrote another.
Kim was officially discharged from his mandatory military service yesterday and he thanked his fans on Instagram for being patient as he completed his duties.
During his time in the army, Kim participated in a campaign alongside D.O. and Xiumin from the boyband EXO to end sexual exploitation on digital platforms.
Hidden camera crimes occur when voyeuristic images and clips of women in places like public bathrooms and motel rooms are captured via tiny cameras inserted in hidden locations such as cracks in the wall.
Also known as “molka crime,” such cases in South Korea grew rapidly from up to 1,400 cases reported to the police in 2010 and 2011 to nearly 6,800 cases in 2018.
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